Why AK47 is the most Popular Assault Rifle

The use of assault rifles goes back more than 100 years. It was first used during the First World War, and ever since, multiple different variations and types of these rifles have come into the market. One of the reasons why assault weapons were developed was because people wanted something that could inflict tremendous havoc on the target. They were looking for a machine that was capable of delivering multiple blows within a single minute. The first assault weapon to be introduced was the light machine gun. After that, various other new kinds of mechanisms like heavy machine guns came into the picture. It was until First World War, these two were the assault rifles that were used. After that, during the Second World War, various other kinds of assault rifles came into the picture, which had automatic features. This means, once the trigger is pulled, they would continue to shower the target with bullets. Talking of assault rifles, the most popular one that is used all over the world is AK 47 rifles. Even if you are not a firearm enthusiast, even that in that case, you must have heard this name. AK47 is not only one of the most popular of all the different assault rifles to be used, but at the same time, it is also considered to be the deadliest one.

The AK47 rifle was first developed in former Soviet Russia by a tank commander named Kalashnikov. Formally, this rifle was named after its designer. It was after the Second World War, that this rifle went through different kinds of modifications, which made it even more deadly. Earlier, AK47 was designed with the intention of generating maximum firepower. Other features like target, ease of use and etc were not taken into consideration. However, it was during the 1960s, new upgrades took place and an advanced and sophisticated version of this rifle came into the picture.

What makes AK47 a special assault rifle? 

There are multiple different reasons why AK47 is considered one of the best assault rifles to be used. It comes with some of the most extraordinary features, that differentiate it from other assault rifles. Even after almost 100 years of its existence, this particular rifle remains as one of the most popular among the military is from all over the world. In the following section, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the different reasons that have made this rifle so popular and effective.

  • One of the most striking features of an AK47 rifle is its ability to fire almost 600 rounds in a minute. This itself goes to show the massive firepower it has and how much damage it is capable of inflicting on the target.
  • When it comes to range, a modern AK47 rifle can be used to hit a target from a distance of almost 1 kilometer.
  • The bullets of the AK47 rifle are specially designed. They are much larger in terms of their size compared to other rifles and hence are capable of inflicting more severe damage on the target.
  • What makes this rifle so special is the fact that with the latest versions available, it has become much easy to use. These days these rifles are available which are much lightweight, which adds to their maneuverability, and at the same time, they can also be handled with relative ease.

Are you planning to buy one? 

Are you a gun collector? Are you planning to buy an AK47 rifle? If you are, in that case, the first thing which you need to be aware of is the legality of such possession. In certain cultures, possession of AK47 is considered to be illegal by any civilian. On the other hand, in some other countries, they are not. Therefore it depends on the country we’re living in. Besides, when it comes to possessing an assault rifle, there are various other formalities that need to be done. You need to have a proper license and permission from the authorities. After meeting all these prerequisites, you might be allowed to have this rifle in your possession.

Misuse of AK47 rifle

It needs to be mentioned that this particular rifle is not only used by the military and law enforcement agencies from all over the world. Besides, it is also falling into the wrong hands over the last couple of decades. Terrorist organizations from all over the world preferred this particular weapon as it is capable of inflicting severe damage on the target. Besides, the range of this rifle is another important aspect that has contributed towards its polarity among the terrorist outfits. To make things worse, AK47 rifles are available on the black market. In certain countries of the world, especially those which are located near the manufacturing hub, there are markets where AK47 rifles are sold like fruits and vegetables. Therefore, when it comes to supply, they are available in abundance.

If you are planning to buy an AK47 rifle, in that case, you need to make sure that you have brought it from the best dealer or supplier. These days there are multiple different options that are available. If you’re not quite sure where to find one, in that case, can have a look over the Internet. However, you need to make sure that the supplier or the dealer you have opted for has a fair amount of repetition in the market in terms of reliability and authenticity.

What inspired Kalashnikov to develop this rifle is the fact that he wanted something that could be operated in all sorts of conditions. This is one feature in this rifle that still prevails and it can be used in all sorts of worst conditions.