The History of CCTV Cameras

two CCTV cameras, bright blue sky, bricked walls

We use cameras most of the times, but are we conscious that some people monitor us at all times? We now take CCTV for granted, yet most businesses have them, streets are filled with them, and many private residences are installing them as well. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) uses video cameras to … Read more

What Are The Security Benefits Of Window Blinds?

White window blinds

Nowadays, people get more interested in investing in various security systems to make their homes a lot safer. The crime rate all over the world is gradually increasing, and many people fall victim to different types of modus. Sometimes, you are still not safe even at home. There are cases when intruders … Read more

Iris Scanner Locking Systems

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Fingerprint, PIN, and Password. These are the common security features that we’ve known, and most of us are using today. But for quite some time now, companies and even the government had been using Iris scanners as a vital part of their security measures. The iris scanner patent was created in 1994, … Read more

Ways To Secure Your Social Media Accounts

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Nowadays, social media are reigning, whether it’s for advertisement, meeting up with friends, having fun, and/or managing your business online. It already became a bloodline to a lot of people since it’s been integrated into our day-to-day tasks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and recently, TikTok are the few names that are mostly used … Read more

Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Device

Apps to Monitor Your Child's Device

As a parent, you’d always want to secure your child’s protection. One of the most challenging things to safeguard your kid from is the dangers of technology and the Internet, like addiction, cyberbullying, and offensive images and messages. Fortunately, many apps are now available to help you monitor your child’s devices and … Read more

How Kids Can Stay Safe Online


Parents will do everything just to keep their children well and safe, from making sure they have sunscreen on before going out in the sun to being careful when crossing the street. But with the technology that we have today, there’s one more thing that parents should protect their children from predators, … Read more

Can You Use the AI to Generate an Income Stream?

AI to Generate an Income Stream

With the internet at everyone’s disposal, it has become much easier to look for cash cow online. More and more businesses are shifting into the digital landscape, which compels a lot of people to seek career opportunities online. This also applies to Machine Learning programmers and data scientists who love Artificial Intelligence, … Read more

What is a Smart Plug?

smart plug

So you want to join the club and plunge into the 21st century by turning your home into a smart home. However, you’re a little lost because of all the smart home devices and gadgets available in the market. Where should you start? Worry no more because there is only one answer: … Read more

Cybersecurity: Ensuring Your Family’s Safety Online

Ensuring Your Family's Safety Online

Living in the connected world has undoubtedly improved our lives in fresh and extraordinary ways. However, it acts like a double-edged sword, given the harm it can bring to us and our loved ones. These dangers and risks are real, as we often see various companies falling prey to breaches or colleagues … Read more

Security Options for a Modern Home

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Home security plays a big part in every homeowner’s life, especially now that the internet has made it much more manageable. Nowadays, you can control not only your locks but, as well as your vacuums, lawnmowers, and thermostats. With the advent of technology, everything became accessible, from feeding your pet to monitoring … Read more