When Were Security Cameras Used Commonly?

CCTV system security inside of restaurant.Surveillance camera installed on ceiling to monitor for protection customer in restaurant

Security cameras have become a common sight in many parts of the world. This fascinating device is known for its security feature, which helps households and establishments prevent threats and unwanted events. Security cameras could also help in providing evidence when you need them. Because of this, you might be wondering, when … Read more

Is Having a Personal Security Camera a Good Idea?

security camera

It is a given fact that most parts of the outdoors are unsafe, which is why many would bring with them self-defense items like pepper sprays or would just be aware of their surroundings whenever they go outside. The complete opposite of the dangerous outdoors, according to most people, is the secure … Read more

The History of CCTV Cameras

two CCTV cameras, bright blue sky, bricked walls

We use cameras most of the times, but are we conscious that some people monitor us at all times? We now take CCTV for granted, yet most businesses have them, streets are filled with them, and many private residences are installing them as well. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) uses video cameras to … Read more

Security Options for a Modern Home

A photo of CCTV cameras

Home security plays a big part in every homeowner’s life, especially now that the internet has made it much more manageable. Nowadays, you can control not only your locks but, as well as your vacuums, lawnmowers, and thermostats. With the advent of technology, everything became accessible, from feeding your pet to monitoring … Read more

Why You Need a Home Security System?

A photo of padlocks with chains

There are many various reasons why you need a home security system, especially in today’s age where crime rates are growing across cities. Although it is practical to keep a self-defense tool like a swiss army knife, for instance, security systems are most likely the right tool to help keep your home’s … Read more

Tips for Setting Up a Home Video Surveillance System

Tips for Setting Up a Home Video Surveillance System

When set up correctly, home video surveillance systems become an efficient and effective protection alternative compared to hefty, professionally-installed systems. The catch is that it can be quite challenging to place them precisely. With the absence of help from the experts, it’s easy to pinch pennies or squander money without having the … Read more

What Is a Security Drone?

Security Drone

Surveillance is commonly done using the traditional method, which is characterized by cameras fixed on a structure, or handled manually by an individual. While it does wonders and has been very beneficial in ensuring security, it still has boundaries as it is usually limited by location and the stationary position of the … Read more