Iris Scanner Locking Systems

A closeup photo of the human eye

Fingerprint, PIN, and Password. These are the common security features that we’ve known, and most of us are using today. But for quite some time now, companies and even the government had been using Iris scanners as a vital part of their security measures. The iris scanner patent was created in 1994, … Read more

Security Options for a Modern Home

A photo of CCTV cameras

Home security plays a big part in every homeowner’s life, especially now that the internet has made it much more manageable. Nowadays, you can control not only your locks but, as well as your vacuums, lawnmowers, and thermostats. With the advent of technology, everything became accessible, from feeding your pet to monitoring … Read more

What is a Biometric Safe?

Biometric Safe

With crime rates continuing to rise in recent years, security has become very crucial for every family or business. Theft and burglary cases are common yet only a small percentage of them have been solved, with resolution rates falling. As such, every home or establishment needs another piece of protection to stop … Read more

What is a Smart Lock?

Smart Lock

A smart lock is any mechanical or electronic device that provides you or other people to open the door without using a traditional key. Instead, it utilizes a key fob or smartphone to wirelessly gain access through authorized user’s authentication. Today, smart locks systems allowed home automation and became an extension of … Read more