How Self Defense Slingshots Work


A slingshot is a famous device that allows the user to shoot spherical projectiles at a distance. It typically requires the use of both hands, applying the right amount of force, and a good aim to hit your target. Interestingly, slingshots can be used in many ways, but one of the unique … Read more

Can a Slingshot Kill a Person?

Hands of an adult man who holds a huge homemade slingshot ready to shoot

A slingshot is a small handheld weapon that uses elastic bands to propel projectiles. It has been around for centuries and is still used today for hunting and self-defense. But can a slingshot kill a person? The answer may surprise you! In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of a slingshot … Read more

Different Types of Slingshots

A homemade slingshot

There are many different types of slingshots on the market today. Some are designed for children, while others are meant for adults. Whether you’re a newbie hobbyist or a seasoned slinger, learning the different types of slingshots is important to improve your skills. Each type of slingshot has its pros and cons. … Read more

Why AK47 is the most Popular Assault Rifle

Airmen train Iraqi air force SFS

The use of assault rifles goes back more than 100 years. It was first used during the First World War, and ever since, multiple different variations and types of these rifles have come into the market. One of the reasons why assault weapons were developed was because people wanted something that could … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Slingshot?

A slingshot is not just a toy; it is a completely effective hand-powered projectile weapon used by humans for centuries for self-defense and hunting. This Y-shaped weapon should be held in the non-dominant hand, and the rubber stripes are stretched and shot by the dominant hand.  Some other names that are commonly … Read more

Tips for Staying Safe While Visiting Italy

a street in Sicily, buildings, historical center

Travel safety is a vital consideration to make before every trip if you’ll be crossing uncharted territory. Although Italy is a relatively safe destination to visit, it’s still a good idea to take some measures before leaving home – and to be aware of specific classic travel scams to try and prevent … Read more

How Do Bank Vaults Work?

bank vault, circular steel door, door with many locks

A bank vault is a safe storage facility for money, assets, records, and papers. It works similarly to a safe in that it protects the contents from theft, illegal use, fire, natural catastrophes, and other risks. Vaults have reinforced walls and a carefully fashioned door with a complicated lock to protect its … Read more

How Do Modern Car Brakes Work?

A photo of cars parked in a row

Have you ever wondered how car parts or systems work? Do you ever think about how a huge thing such as a car would stop to avoid a disastrous collision? Whether you are driving a car or not, you probably know that the car’s brake system is one of its necessary safety … Read more

Top Tips for Hiring a Babysitter


Let’s be real—hiring a babysitter can bring a lot of stress and frustration, especially if you do not know where to begin, let alone trust issues! Hiring a babysitter can be a stressful ordeal. But there are many ways to ace it. You can get referrals from your family and friends, ask … Read more