Is Having a Personal Security Camera a Good Idea?

security camera

It is a given fact that most parts of the outdoors are unsafe, which is why many would bring with them self-defense items like pepper sprays or would just be aware of their surroundings whenever they go outside. The complete opposite of the dangerous outdoors, according to most people, is the secure … Read more

Tips for Staying Safe While Visiting Italy

a street in Sicily, buildings, historical center

Travel safety is a vital consideration to make before every trip if you’ll be crossing uncharted territory. Although Italy is a relatively safe destination to visit, it’s still a good idea to take some measures before leaving home – and to be aware of specific classic travel scams to try and prevent … Read more

Should I Store My Guns In My Garage

Person holding a gun magazine

When space is scarce the garage is often an interesting space in your home and you should not neglect it. It is easy to store a safe in the garage and easy to set up and hide. The main risk of storing guns in the garage is humidity. It is because some … Read more