Is 5G Safe?

A Cell Tower

The 5th generation of wireless technology will be available worldwide in a few years. 5G peak internet speed is 20GB per second which is significantly faster than the old generations. But is it too soon for the 5th generation to take over the world? Or should we wait until we know for … Read more

How GPS Trackers Work

satellite, spacecraft, outer space, space

Ever found yourself needing directions to a certain place? Or walked in circles in the parking lot, not remembering where you parked your car? Nowadays, reading maps and remembering where you put everything seem to be a hassle and more trouble than they’re worth; who has time for that? People are all … Read more

The History of CCTV Cameras

two CCTV cameras, bright blue sky, bricked walls

We use cameras most of the times, but are we conscious that some people monitor us at all times? We now take CCTV for granted, yet most businesses have them, streets are filled with them, and many private residences are installing them as well. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) uses video cameras to … Read more

How Do Bank Vaults Work?

bank vault, circular steel door, door with many locks

A bank vault is a safe storage facility for money, assets, records, and papers. It works similarly to a safe in that it protects the contents from theft, illegal use, fire, natural catastrophes, and other risks. Vaults have reinforced walls and a carefully fashioned door with a complicated lock to protect its … Read more

How Do Modern Car Brakes Work?

A photo of cars parked in a row

Have you ever wondered how car parts or systems work? Do you ever think about how a huge thing such as a car would stop to avoid a disastrous collision? Whether you are driving a car or not, you probably know that the car’s brake system is one of its necessary safety … Read more

What Are The Security Benefits Of Window Blinds?

White window blinds

Nowadays, people get more interested in investing in various security systems to make their homes a lot safer. The crime rate all over the world is gradually increasing, and many people fall victim to different types of modus. Sometimes, you are still not safe even at home. There are cases when intruders … Read more