How Kids Can Stay Safe Online


Parents will do everything just to keep their children well and safe, from making sure they have sunscreen on before going out in the sun to being careful when crossing the street. But with the technology that we have today, there’s one more thing that parents should protect their children from predators, … Read more

Can You Use the AI to Generate an Income Stream?

AI to Generate an Income Stream

With the internet at everyone’s disposal, it has become much easier to look for cash cow online. More and more businesses are shifting into the digital landscape, which compels a lot of people to seek career opportunities online. This also applies to Machine Learning programmers and data scientists who love Artificial Intelligence, … Read more

What is a Smart Plug?

smart plug

So you want to join the club and plunge into the 21st century by turning your home into a smart home. However, you’re a little lost because of all the smart home devices and gadgets available in the market. Where should you start? Worry no more because there is only one answer: … Read more